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World’s first native Product Management
app for mission-driven teams

From Idea to Launch

A single platform for the backlog to launch, align your teams, and execute like a pro!


Share details and follow-up with your teams within the app asynchronously.

Workflows to Empower

Every team is different. Now your team decides the workflow and execution.

Manage your Roadmap

Gather product backlog, prioritize features and communicate roadmap across your organization like a pro!

While there are a ton of apps for other teams, product managers never got a product built dedicated for them

— Bhanu Co-founder, MagicTV

Ideas to Market, executed well

Share competitor research, run Design sprints, prepare PRDs and user stories, plan dev releases – all in a single platform.

Experience the best version of async communication with Freshflows. I don’t have to follow up via email or chat, product team always has the latest information about the status and progress.”  

— Bharath Sr. Product Manager, Auzmor Learn

Quick-start Templates

Want to test the RICE framework? 
Or want to run a Design Sprint? 

Now find Templates to kickstart your product development journey.

I like the way templates are made available for every phase of the product journey!  

— Robin Kishok Project Manager, ATC

Top 100 PM Initiative

Resources for growing your product

Top 20 Product Management Courses in 2022

Product management is an exciting and challenging task in today’s corporate environment with its fast-The position of a product manager is very recent, having just

Your product is not just a group of features, it is worth more.

Manage it well, with Freshflows 💪

Help us improve

Share your product feedback, and we’ll send you rewards.