Common Prioritization Mistakes Product Managers Should Avoid

One of the most challenging, but crucial, aspects of product management is determining how to make decisions in the face of so many competing objectives. Product Prioritization needs determining which products or features to develop first, based on factors such as business goals, market opportunity, and technical feasibility. Prioritization has always been one of the […]

DIfferent Types Of Product Management KPIs

As a product manager, you must be aware of your product’s health, any difficulties it might be facing, how your team is working on resolving them, and so on. There’s a lot of data that can be analyzed to improve your product and make it more appealing. Finding the correct metrics to measure is critical […]

Product Management lessons from real life product manager

Ever wondered what keeps the product managers so ‘busy’? So busy that every meeting with them leaves you exposed to constant whining about their compromised sleep schedules. Add to that, water cooler conversations with them are just no fun. Incredibly, they never seemed to have watched last night’s game and are definitely languishing far behind […]