Some teams are established. Some are just getting started. Some are here, some are there, some have people everywhere.

The point is, we’re all at different stages and we all operate differently. But one thing is the same – we need a tool that will work in support of our agile team’s needs, not the other way around. 


Creating workflows, maintaining configurations, keeping the team in check… it’s not easy.

We’ve got workflows to help your entire organization. This way your team’s product, and her team’s product can maintain separate tracking systems (share at your own risk) from idea to launch. And we’ve got templates to choose from, so you can organize how you want to, across every development stage.

We build products, not issues or tickets

“Hey, create an issue type = ‘New feature’ and assign it to…“

Yes, we have become habitual.
And it targets our psychology. We cannot let it.
Words do manifest.

We are compelled to take features through the same workflow, whether it is customer feedback, research findings, UX improvements, user stories or bugs.

There is a need for specific details, screens, audio/video supporting it, data visualizations, how can we fit everything in a ‘Description’ box 🤷🏼‍♂️


If this is still your team – “Hey, the tasks are still in your name. Can you move them to the next stage?” – we empathize. But now’s the time for change. 

Remove the mundane from your day. Stop using email, chat and meetings to share boring status updates. Let Freshflows keep your team in check, from idea to product launch.


We’ve all got video call fatigue, and we refuse to agree to another “catch up” call to catch up on what we caught up about last “catch up” call. More teams are going remote, but that doesn’t mean we need more of these types of calls.

Let your team flex based on their work-life demands. Freshflows will keep you all updated, no matter when you log on.

A fresh take 

Freshflows is a next-gen Product Management tool, for busy teams looking to streamline processes and get back to building (and especially launching!) incredible SaaS products. 🤞

Start with your Team Workspaces (like web, mobile, integration, or analytics).

Add Custom Statuses and watch backlog items go from review -> roadmap -> delivered. Or User Stories from to-do -> in-progress -> done.

Set up Boards to capture product backlog, customer feedback, features, sprints, bugs, release notes, and more. (We told you, it does a lot!).

You no longer need multiple tools to track customer support, contacts, emails, feedback, etc. Find templates for every need.

Watch it update and track progress in real time, and get rid of those pesky “catch up” calls.

And we have just begun!


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