Why freshflows - Freshflows

Every product team is unique

Some of us work in established teams, while some are building teams from scratch. Some teams span across continents.

End-to-end processes set up or processes may not exist.
Each team operates differently.

Tools should help us based on our team’s needs, not the other way around.

Customizing workflow chaos?

Software is unpredictable.
 Creating workflows and maintaining configurations is not easy. Admins configure a common project workflow for all teams to follow.

A change in workflow = changes across all projects.

How can the same workflows be applicable across teams and the Org? 🤯
This extends to user research, new feature launch, improve onboarding, expand in a new market/geo, go Enterprise – across teams – requires native support.

We build products, not issues or tickets

“Hey, create an issue type = ‘New feature’ and assign it to…“

Yes, we have become habitual.
And it targets our psychology. We cannot let it.
Words do manifest.

We are compelled to take features through the same workflow, whether it is customer feedback, research findings, UX improvements, user stories or bugs.

There is a need for specific details, screens, audio/video supporting it, data visualizations, how can we fit everything in a ‘Description’ box 🤷🏼‍♂️

Remove the mundane from the work

“Hey, the tasks are still in your name, can you move them to the next stage?’
“What status should I move these tickets to next, I don’t see the next stage I want?” 
“Can you update all the project items via csv, it is tedious otherwise.”

Details are buried in emails/chats.  Searching for information is still a thing. Knock, knock! It’s 2021.

We spend 1-2 hrs on management tasks.
It better be the best work, not updating tasks for reporting🙅🏼‍♀️

Remote work has changed, but the tools haven’t

While we are recovering from Zoom fatigue, we won’t agree to yet another catch-up call to catch up on what we spoke about in the last catch-up call.

45% more teams went remote. We are living as digital nomads. Working parents are completing work early in the morning or later in the night. 

That document, latest stats, following-up, sharing updates – is this expected to happen synchronously?

A fresh retake 

          With Freshflows, we are attempting to build the next-gen Product Management app🤞

Start with your Team Workspaces, probably for your Web, Mobile, Integration or internal Analytics efforts.

Add Custom statuses to follow the native behavior so Backlog items can go from
Review -> Added to Roadmap -> Delivered, while User stories can go from
Todo -> In-progress -> Done.

Set up Walls/ Boards to capture product backlog, customer feedback, features, sprints, bugs, release notes, you name it!

Support tickets need – customer information, which plans they are on, Ticket priority etc., while Prospect requests shall contain the Salesforce URL, deal amount etc., for prioritization.  We got you covered! Go Templates. For every aspect of your product.

“What’s the current Roadmap? Where are we on the Q3 launch? Have the bugs been retested?” Updates are real-time. You don’t have to ping to gather updates. Async-first behaviour, now in Freshflows.

And we have just begun!


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