Affinity Grouping

What is Affinity Grouping ?

Affinity grouping is a prioritization technique in which group members explore ideas and possibilities based on their shared interests. Affinity grouping is a broad and versatile method based on simple but powerful concepts. It assists teams in informing and organizing teams based on their similarity or likeness.

Affinity grouping can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Determine where an app’s design could be improved.
  • Sort information acquired through interviews, surveys, or general observations into categories. Consider employee feedback.
  • Make a diagram that depicts the relationship between the elements that influence a problem or issue.
  • The procedure begins with group members using Post-It Notes to brainstorm ideas or possibilities.

Then each concept or opportunity is categorized into “affinity groups,” which are theme clusters. In the business world, these groups might focus on boosting revenue, improving customer happiness, or improving performance.

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