Product Brief

What is Product Brief ?

A Product Brief is a “one-page” document that describes the goals and advantages of a feature as well as the scope of a project in a consistent, widely shared format.

The Product Brief is divided into six parts. (Here’s how to put together a product brief:)

Summary of the Release Notes: Describe the project as though you were writing a press release or release notes. What are the distinguishing characteristics? What makes them so exciting? What is the advantage? (As an example, here’s a proposal from

Statement(s) of the User’s Problem(s): What issues are we attempting to address? Be as specific as possible when defining which users these issues affect.

Project Rationale: Why is this a high-priority project? How does it affect income, cost-cutting, or customer satisfaction? What kind of research did we conduct? What is the scope of the problem?

Scope and scale of the project: What’s in and what’s out these days?

How Do We Measure Success? What Do We Mean When We Say “Success”? When will we be able to tell if we’ve succeeded?

Dependencies: Is it necessary for customers to upgrade? Are there any other features that are reliant on this one? What do we require from our collaborators? What else do we require besides engineering?

Important Links: Links to requirements documents, wireframes/mock-ups, research, and other resources.

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