Product Owner

What is Product Owner ?

A Product Owner is a scrum team member. A Product Owner’s main responsibilities are to define user stories and construct a product backlog. The Customer’s primary point of contact for identifying product needs for the development team is the Product Owner. A prioritized list of customer requirements will make up this product backlog. The Product Owner is solely responsible and accountable for defining and prioritizing user needs. To explain the product features to be implemented, the Product Owner must communicate with the development team. On critical user needs, any queries from the development team must be answered by the Product Owner. The Product Owner’s job is to make the products generated by the agile scrum team as valuable as possible.

The Product Owner is responsible for ensuring that the user stories match the needs of the customers. For firms that want to migrate to an agile-based product development methodology, the Product Owner’s position is important. Customers, business executives, development teams, project managers, and other stakeholders are among the stakeholders with whom the Product Owner must collaborate and work closely.

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