Product Vision

What is Product Vision ?

One of the outcomes you acquire throughout the project discovery phase activities is a product vision, often known as a project vision. The discovery phase is the initial step of the development process if you don’t have a clear idea of your project and require assistance from professionals who know how to address various business difficulties. Market research, competition research, SWOT analysis, feature breakdown list preparation, and other sorts of research are all part of the discovery process. 

A written depiction of your product vision is a product vision statement. It usually comprises a few phrases and clearly states where you want to go with your business. It serves as a reminder to the entire team of your end objective and establishes success criteria so that everyone works together to obtain the greatest results possible.

We’d like to emphasize that developing a product vision is critical for both Scrum and Agile teams. Understanding your vision is critical regardless of the method you take to produce your product.

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