Sprint Planning

What is Sprint Planning ?

In any Scrum organization, the Sprint Planning meeting is critical to the effective execution of a project. The Sprint Planning, according to the Scrum Guide, is where the work for the Sprint is planned. This strategy is the result of the Scrum Team’s collective efforts. The Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the complete Dev team attend the Sprint Planning meeting in Scrum. Outside stakeholders or anybody else may be invited by the team (for example, to provide technical expertise or security advice), however, this is uncommon in most businesses. The Product Owner describes the top priority features to the team during the Sprint Planning meeting. During this time, the Product Owner also briefs the team on the most important features. The team asks enough questions to turn a high-level user narrative from the Product Backlog into the Sprint Backlog’s more detailed tasks. The Product Owner is not required to describe each item on the Product Backlog. The Product Owner should arrive at the Sprint Planning meeting prepared to discuss two sprints’ worth of Product Backlog items.

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