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with Distributed Teams 

Take your product features from idea → market from a single platform

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Product Management tools for mission driven teams

Simplify the launch

A single platform for tracking progress, aligning teams, and executing.


Provide details, share action items, & keep the team in sync in real time.

Workflows to empower

Every team is different. Choose a template based on your project needs.




Manage your Roadmap

Focus on outcome and impact, not product backlog.

While there are a ton of apps for other teams, product managers never got a product built dedicated for them

— Bhanu Co-founder, MagicTV

Use our tools to support your agile process

Adapt to changing business needs, and keep stakeholders across product, sales & marketing involved and up-to-date.

Experience the best version of async communication with Freshflows. I don’t have to follow up via email or chat, product team always has the latest information about the status and progress.”  

— Bharath Sr. Product Manager, Auzmor Learn

Quick-start Templates

Templates to organize and plan each sprint of your collaborative journey from discovery to development.

I like the way templates are made available for every phase of the product journey!  

— Robin Kishok Project Manager, ATC

Resources for growing your product

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