Top YouTube Channels for Product Managers and Product Leaders to Follow

When you think about YouTube, the first thing that probably comes to mind is funny cat videos, the latest viral music video or sports videos, and a variety of other things. But, did you know that YouTube is a fantastic source of knowledge for your B2B company?  On this platform, many product influencers and B2B […]

Best Product management Thought Leaders to Follow in 2022

When it comes to product management, there’s always something new to learn. To advance as a product manager, you need to keep up with what’s going on in your field. This will help you stay current and relevant in your role, while also giving you the edge when it comes time to develop a new […]

Top Product Manager Skills to Master

Successful Product Managers serve as a product’s most important advocate from the idea stage through its development and eventual release to market. In addition to deploying new features on a regular basis and maintaining balance between the engineering and design teams, top PMs are often on the front lines of innovation; they aim at driving […]

What Is a Product Roadmap, and What Are the Various Formats?

A product roadmap is more than just a checklist of forthcoming features and issues. It captures your high-level product direction, demonstrates your work to reach your objectives, and presents it on a visual completion schedule. Your product roadmap is a stand-alone document that conveys progress and illustrates how the work of the whole product team […]

What is a Product Vision

It’s incredible to have a concept for a new product. However, this is insufficient. You need the vision to lead everyone engaged in the product’s success, including product management, development, marketing, sales, and support. This is when product vision enters the picture.  That guiding constellation includes product vision. A clear product vision linked to the […]

Resources for Product Manager Interviews

Before preparing for any major test, we ensure that we are adequately prepared for any questions that may appear on the exam paper. The better prepared we are, the more likely we will pass the tests. Similarly, in preparing for the Product Manager interview, you should be ready to answer various interview questions.  As you […]

Usability Testing in Product Management

One of your duties as a Product Manager is to give your users a pleasurable experience. The first stage is to guarantee that your consumers can efficiently complete the activities they desire (and want them to) even when using your product for the first time. So, how can you tell whether your product can do […]

A Comprehensive Approach To Product-Led Growth 

Product-led growth (PLG) is a business strategy and approach in which the product is positioned as the primary driver of customer acquisition, activation, retention, and scalable expansion. When a company’s digital-facing teams—marketing, product, customer success, and others—converge on product-led growth, the firm can create an innovative and customized product experience that promotes customer loyalty and […]

What are the Retention hacks for SaaS Products in 2022

In today’s competitive market, recruiting new clients is essential. It’s never good to lose consumers. Losing clients equals losing money. We call it the churn rate in SaaS. A churn rate is defined as the rate at which customers discontinue doing business with a company. It is usually represented as the proportion of service users […]

Product Development Team Structure

All product teams grow similarly in the Hollywood version of the IT industry. It begins with a small group of intelligent, quirky entrepreneurs working out of a garage, stressing over every aspect of their game-changing invention. The product quickly takes off, and boom! The firm relocates to a dazzling campus manned by swarms of developers, […]