Building Kanban Roadmap Using Netflix Backlogs

Welcome back to another installment of the Roadmapping exercise. In our last blog,  We used the RICE framework to prioritize Netflix’s fictitious features and issues. Now that it’s done, let’s start the roadmapping process. As you are aware, a product roadmap is a high-level visual overview of your product’s vision and trajectory across time. A […]

The Product Feedback Process: An Introduction

Developing a successful product is a challenging process, undoubtedly. Product teams often burn the midnight oil, pouring their hearts and souls into building something worthwhile — something their audiences would love to use. But how does one even begin to figure out what their customers really want?  The answer is simple, really. All you need […]

MoSCoW Prioritization Technique Using Spotify Backlogs

When you wake up early in the morning and realize that you have a ton of work to do, how do you feel? Not great, right? We all are familiar with this situation all too well, especially in the product management space.   You have a long list of unprioritized features and chores in front of […]

Introducing Freshflows

When it comes to making life easier for businesses and consumers, thousands of problem solvers are stepping up to the plate. The pandemic has witnessed an increase in “out-of-the-box” solutions using SaaS products. Now, let’s take a closer look at the SaaS product development process to understand what’s going on. As you know, we all […]

Fundamentals Of A Successful Product and Design Team

The ingredient list of a successful product and design team consists of a dash of knowledge, a pinch of experimentation, a cup of creative energy, and a spoonful of trust. Or that’s the basic recipe, at the very least.  When a team grows from one or two individual contributors to a larger, more diverse one, […]

Roadmap Experiment with Spotify Backlogs

When we swipe through our phones, it’s natural to find some apps that are used regularly and some that we haven’t even logged into after installing them. Spotify, an app that doesn’t need an introduction, definitely falls into the first category. An example of a great digital product, it provides an unmatched listening experience as […]

5 Roadmap Practices That You Dont Want To Do in 2022

Understanding why roadmaps fail, how they cause alignment issues for small and big teams alike Thanos’ ultimate purpose was to wipe away half of the universe’s inhabitants. For his plan to work, he needed the six infinity stones spread around the cosmos. In all of his actions, he prepared meticulously, had a specific goal in […]

Product Management lessons from real life product manager

Ever wondered what keeps the product managers so ‘busy’? So busy that every meeting with them leaves you exposed to constant whining about their compromised sleep schedules. Add to that, water cooler conversations with them are just no fun. Incredibly, they never seemed to have watched last night’s game and are definitely languishing far behind […]

Sustainable Mobility and Product Strategy

Day Two is underway. It is a scorching 37 degree centrigrade at 8AM. 44 teams from 21 countries have brought their solar cars for the 5-day World Solar Racing (WSR) Challenge (2020), in the Australian Outback.  The teams represent universities from all over the world and their cars are powered only by the Sun ???? […]