Introducing Freshflows

When it comes to making life easier for businesses and consumers, thousands of problem solvers are stepping up to the plate. The pandemic has witnessed an increase in “out-of-the-box” solutions using SaaS products.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the SaaS product development process to understand what’s going on.

As you know, we all like building things, whether to make our lives simpler or to create something new altogether. As individuals and teams grow increasingly dispersed, the need to collaborate successfully becomes even more critical. Apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Jira, and others have served this role, but the problem is that they have not evolved with the times. Also, they do not address issues end-to-end. 

Let’s assume you have a billion-dollar B2B app idea and want to take it to the market. The product management journey will begin with the following:

1. Performing research 
2. Managing new feature requests 
3. Planning roadmaps 
4. Scoping features for monthly/quarterly release
5. Preparing specs
6. Product design process 
7. Execution
8. Quality check 
9. Preparation for launch

If the issue is turning a SaaS idea into a profitable business and managing revisions is a difficult process, the problems will include:

1. Time-consuming setup 
2. A lack of bespoke processes for the product and development team
3. Siloed information
4. Time-consuming data integration across many applications
5. Arduous training and onboarding processes for personnel across several platforms.

Today, we rely on ancient methods and antiquated approaches. To stay in sync with the fast-paced SaaS market of today and effortlessly develop excellent SaaS products, it is necessary to change and adapt to changing behavior. 

On that note, allow us to introduce you to a next-generation product management platform, 


Let’s put ‘product’ at the center of your product development journey

Freshflows is a Collaborative Product Management Tool for B2B SaaS Product Teams that assists you in Ideating, Documenting, Planning, Transitioning, Tracking, and Collaborating so that you can develop great products. This solution for product managers is arranged around walls and workspaces to democratize product management and make it accessible to everyone, even solopreneurs.

Here are some key characteristics that allow Freshflows to help you develop a fantastic product:

1. 30+ product management templates in place which can be further tweaked and shared by users to aid other product teams
2. The built-in roadmap tool can be used to manage ideas and feedback
3. Maintaining objectives, epics, features, needs, and other priorities is easy
4. Meeting milestones while collaborating with multiple teams on the same platform made possible
5. Easy integration with third-party tools and other auxiliary applications
6. An interactive user interface, which provides useful information and statistics

Building products requires a new attitude as well as a distinct approach.

Keeping that in mind, it’s time to dive deep into the unique aspects that our product brings to the table:

  • Freshflows offers a seamless UX to tackle product management challenges unlike anything else in the PM space.
  • The “persona” walls assist teams in developing and incorporating user personas into every product decision from the very beginning. 
  • Through a series of “walls,” the Freshflows “SaaS” workspace speeds up each step of the process from “ideation” to “release.”
  • Freshflows is intended to make PRDs and updates available and visible to all members of the team. It also assists teams in research and analyses as well as in the creation of PRDs. Any changes in your PRDs will reflect throughout.
  • The process of roadmapping is made more enjoyable by feature prioritization using RICE, Value Vs Effort, MoSCoW, Weighted Scoring, and other publicly accessible templates. 
  • Freshflows interacts with the following applications, using third-party integrations : 
  • Collecting information and survey technologies such as Typeform and, Google Sheets
  • Customer feedback – Canny
  • Support Tickets – Zendesk and, Freshdesk 
  • Project Management – Asana, JIRA and, Trello 
  • Collaboration – Slack 
  • Code Versioning – Github
  • Teams can browse the ever-expanding template collection to implement best product development practices. To top it all off, Freshflows is a playground for product teams to design unique processes and publish them for other teams to use.

There are several pain points that product management faces as a result of the use of last-gen methodologies, leading to unnecessary iterations in development. Since tools across the flow are diverse, teams generally work in silos and do not collaborate much. This can lead to off-target product development. To resolve this, let’s discuss the problems that Freshflows can help you solve:

User FeedbackUsers can use wall templates to gather user feedback and integrate with third-party apps to streamline the process of collecting and storing feedback in a single space. For instance, Freshflows interfaces with most survey platforms such as Google Docs, Type-form, Survey Monkey, and so on. These can be utilized for product research.
Product Backlog ManagementInstead of utilizing numerous applications, users can utilize Freshflows’ backlog template wall to track backlogs from different sources on a single app.
Feature PrioritizationUsers can add Prioritization templates including RICE, Value vs. Effort, MoSCoW, Weighted Scoring, and other publicly available templates. All they have to do is enter information and, if necessary, customize it.
Communicating RoadmapsAfter gathering feedback, keep track of the backlog and prioritize it. Team members can create roadmaps using our templates, which include Now – Next Later, feature roadmaps, theme-based roadmaps, quarter-based roadmaps, release roadmaps, and more.

After reading this, you’re probably pinching yourself to see if it’s all a dream. Let us tell you that this is now a reality. Freshflows is on a mission to revolutionize the product management process.

So, if you want a piece of this game-changing technology and the opportunity to develop your own great SaaS product, join us for our public beta launch and get your exclusive access. And Pssst! It’s free, for now. So, hurry up!

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